Edition 2
Deprocrastination: Everyday Guide - Finally stop procrastinating and go to bed happy

Finally stop procrastinating
and go to bed happy

A guide to helping you overcome procrastination with ready-to-use mental tools.

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“Why do I always leave things until the last moment?”

“Why do I always leave things until the last moment?”

Do you ever:



Then you’re in the right place.





Overwhelmed and distracted?




Procrastination is affecting more and more people. Work is complex and distractions are everywhere.


All-nighters before exams, assignments finished a minute before midnight, presentations prepared 5 minutes before a meeting...


What if there was a less stressful way?




Procrastination is a habit. Any habit can be unlearned.

Not just a book
A toolbox to help you overcome procrastination any time of the day,
any day of the week

Edition 2
Deprocrastination: Everyday Guide - Unlearn procrastination and get unstuck



What's new in Edition 2?

  • Audio Version Access
  • Revised, improved and better organized content
    (+ more illustrations)
  • Deprocrastinator 3000
    You enter a problem, you get recommended the right part of the Everyday Guide for you.

50+ Colorful Illustrations

50+ Colorful Illustrations

Walls of text are no fun. That's why we added lots of illustrations (50+) to make clear the most important points!

Quick Access Web Version

Quick Access Web Version

PDFs get lost so we made a web version that you can access with a few taps and read wherever you want.

30 techniques, tested and organized

30 techniques, tested and organized

Why read the whole book when you only need a technique to help you right now?
The guide is organized to help you find what you need, fast.




Table of Contents

  1. Why Procrastination Is a Problem
  2. Why and How We Procrastinate
  3. Temporary Causes
    • How to Deal with Distractions
    • How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    • How to Not Get Overwhelmed
    • How to Silence the Inner Dictator
  4. Deeper Causes
    • How to Overcome the Fear of Failure
    • How to Overcome the Fear of Being Controlled
    • How to Overcome Perfectionism
    • How to Overcome the Fear of Endless Work
  5. Tool and Technique Collection

Deprocrastination: Everyday Guide

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How it works

You procrastinate

You open the guide

You find what the problem is and the tool to help you

You make progress

Cheatsheets for quick reference

Cheatsheets for quick reference

Ever read a book and thought "That's great, I can use this" and then never actually used it?

Every chapter has an executive summary attached to it to make sure you can find what you need fast, where we detail the mindset shifts and the techniques (with the whenwhy, and how.)


10x Money-back Guarantee

10x Money-back Guarantee

If the Everyday Guide doesn't help you focus better, become less distracted, and procrastinate less so that the investment pays off 10x in your productivity, then you can within 30 days request your money back.

How many times has procrastination ruined your day?

Chances are you have many years of work ahead of you and will procrastinate some of the time. The question is: how severely and for how long?

Do you want to procrastinate longer because no one prepared you for modern mental work and digital distractions?

Or do you want to equip yourself with the tools to overcome procrastination?





Finally stop procrastinating and go to bed happy




What makes this book different from other books on procrastination?

Our guide:

  • Is organized for fast reference - so that you can look up the right strategy, right when you need it
  • Is solution focused - providing you actionable mental tools & techniques
  • Comes with supporting materials - our executive and visual summaries will remind you of the most important points in 30 seconds

In addition, the web version of this guide will help you overcome procrastination no matter where you are.


Why write an e-book? No one reads e-books, especially procrastinators...

We deliberately call it a guide, not an e-book. Why? Guides are meant be read, referenced, and experienced.

You don't need to read a book about all of Italy to visit Rome, you just read a bit about Rome and find the main attractions.
Similarly, you don't need to read the whole guide, just the part that is relevant for you.

Struggling with the fear of failure? Read that chapter.
Feeling overwhelmed every day? Read that chapter.
Always feeling negative when you think about work? Read that chapter.

In 15 minutes, you can find actionable information that is relevant for you, right now.

Who will benefit from this guide?

If you hate yourself for procrastinating, then you’re at the right place.

If you want to understand why you procrastinate in the first place and how you can change it, you’re at the right place.

If you feel you could procrastinate less or get more things done, then you should find find the book useful as well.

If you struggle with workaholism, sorry, this isn’t for you.

Have you completely solved procrastination?

Nope, we haven’t. But every day, we work, think, and test various solutions to it.

There are causes of procrastination we haven't experienced or addressed, but that’s not the point.
This is the point:

Procrastination Spectrum

Get unstuck. Get to bearable levels of procrastination.
What does that mean?

That means that you’re able to do the work when needed. You don’t hate yourself for being unreliable because you can count on yourself. When you promise something, you deliver that. You don’t have to pull all-nighters just before a deadline.

Deprocrastination: Everyday Guide

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