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A short and practical guide to do a dopamine detox the right way

Escape the vicious cycle of doomscrolling and binge-watching

A short and practical guide to do a dopamine detox the right way

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Getting distracted easily and often?

Can't remember the last time you felt motivated to work?

Feeling like you're stuck?

This is common.

It's a symptom of numbing your brain with social media, games, and other hyper-stimulating activities.

We are most certainly ancient brains in a high-tech world.
—Adam Gazzaley, The Distracted Mind

Our brain has not evolved to deal with Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

This traps us in a cycle of distraction that makes it hard to make progress with work, school, or life in general.

Thinking about unfinished business before bed

And this is where a dopamine detox comes in:

Dopamine detox is a time-restricted challenge (14, 30, 90 days) when you temporarily reduce as many distractions as you can.

The goal?

Start living a more intentional and fulfilling life, whatever that means for you.

We've done the research on what dopamine detox is about and helped dozens of people to stop checking distractions mindlessly through our dopamine detox challenge and make progress in life.

Now we've distilled the key lessons and process into a short and practical guide!

Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide:
Everything you need to know to do a dopamine detox right

Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide

What you'll learn:

  • What really causes us to get distracted
  • What role dopamine plays in distraction
  • Common dopamine detox misconceptions and mistakes
  • How to not fail (+ and how to get back on track if you do)
  • 4 Steps to doing an effective dopamine detox
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Read in 1 session, reference as you go

We've made this guide short and also added illustrations for key points.

You can read it in 1-2 sessions and know exactly how to do an effective dopamine detox.

It's also organized in an easy-to-follow structure, so that you can reference relevant sections if you need a refresher or hit a roadblock.

Who is a dopamine detox for?

It might be a good idea for you if:

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Effective Dopamine Detox Guarantee

10x Money-back Guarantee

If our practical guide doesn't help you do an effective dopamine detox and become more engaged in work and life as a result, then you can get your money back within 30 days.

Results we've helped people get:

We've guided people through a dopamine detox challenge and now put the framework and the process into this short guide.

Ready to stop scrolling and start living?

Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide

  • PDF Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide
    (+ Epub, Mobi)
  • Dopamine Detox Mindmap
  • 3 months of extension PRO
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Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide

  • Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide Audiobook
  • PDF Dopamine Detox Definitive Guide
    (+ Epub)
  • 3 months of extension PRO
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